You can connect to the internet but everything is too slow; your computer just doesn’t feel right. You don’t need to take it anywhere, in fact you shouldn’t. You’re problems may have something to do with another computer or network device in your home or office! If you like I can take your computer over remotely and solve your computer problems remotely; many problems only take seconds to solve.

Many problems require a change in behavior to prevent them from reocurring, if you keep clicking yes to install the virus there is a good chance you will become infected! Many computer professionals will solve your technical issue but most will not take the time to explain how to prevent problems after all they make money from your grief.

The very nature of some hardware problems may require catching the problem while you have it; by offering support online in real time I can look at your problems when you have them.

If you need help send an email to; give me a brief description of your problem and instructions as to how you would like to be contacted, email, MSN or phone.