Helpdesk Services

If you are a small business or home user and have some specific issues you need taken care of, anything form virus removal to setting up or moving an entire network, simply enter a ticket in our helpdesk system and we will be in contact. If your situation is billable we will not begin work without approval.

IT/IS Director

Even a small business with few computers needs to maintain computer hardware and software. New businesses need to select applications suitable to thier needs and budgets. Established businesses need to upgrade from time to time. All of these tasks are normal operations for an IT department; not all businesses can afford to have a fulltime IT staff.

Casey Services can perform any or all the functions provided by an IT department on an hourly or contract basis.

Security Analyst

Most businesses exchange many emails as a normal part of the day; any one of these could deliver a virus, trojan, root kit or other form of malware. Staff can carry entire databases out of the office on USB sticks, iPods or just send them home by email, how would you know?

Are passwords taped to monitors or placed under keyboards? Do you have a firewall? Is your data physically secure?

Let me look at your systems and servers, I can provide a report detailing security issues and make recommendations to secure them.