When Apple released IOS 10 late in 2016 many of us noticed our MacBooks lost our PPTP VPN settings. At first this seems like an error; Apple can’t really just drop VPN support to Windows machines! Yes they did, not only did they remove it from our Macs but they won’t even allow our iPhones to be used as hotspots for PPTP connections any more. The reason for this, too many security vulnerabilities in the protocol.

No worries; install OpenVPN. The community edition is free and well supported through online forums. Read the instructions and configuration files well; getting the server setup with the certificates requires attention to detail. These comments are in the instructions but make sure you turn off the firewall when first testing and think about your routers; it’s very likely you’ll need to add a route to your default gateway. Once you verify that you can connect to machines through the VPN make sure you turn the firewall back on; test your applications, adjust your firewall rules as necessary.

More good news; OpenVPN has clients for Windows, Mac, Linux and Andriod.